Top 10 Best Android Games Under 50 MB

Top 10 Best Android Games Under 50 MB

In search of a game that fits your space/ storage bill and yet lets you have the same fun? Then you are in the right place. Here you can find the list of top 10 best Android games under 50 MB for your android device.

Gaming is fun, regardless of what genre it is. It keeps you active and your mind de-stressed from the worldly stress.

So, below list is an exclusive compilation of different genre games for android gaming lovers. It has got you covered from the speedy racing and shooting ones to killing boredom and challenging ones.

All you got to do here is find the game you find interesting from the below list of best android game under 50 MB. So, just go to the Play Store, download them and have fun.

Let’s get started with the games!

Top 10 Best Android Games Under 50 MB

1. Dr Driving

Are you a speedy, racing or driving lover? Then go vrooming with Dr. Driving. It is an amazing little application of size 10 Mb that is appealing a huge number of gaming lovers towards it.

The game is incorporated with many challenges, and once the level is completed, the gamer gets a level up and earns coins to purchase new vehicles.

It is a splendid racing game and indeed a successful driving learning game incorporated with 3D visuals, brilliant screen touch control and also a simple interface that gives you a real-time driving experience.

So, rush to your Play Store, download Dr. Driving and get started. Vroom, Vroom!

2. Subway Surfers 2

This is one of the most loved and famous games among the Android users. It is an endless running game where the character keeps running to escape the police officer who keeps chasing the character throughout the game.

In short, it is “run as much as you can” or “catch me if you can” concept game, with a mere size of 38 MB. Another interesting fact about this game is that the character runs on the tracks and requires jumping over the trains and avoiding getting hit by the hurdles or hoardings around.

You can also view the competitor’s score to keep up the spirit and run to achieve the highest score.

3. Flow Free

A colorful puzzle game with 1500 levels, that needs connecting dots of similar colors while filling the entire board to complete the level.

This is considerably one of the best lightweight android games you will love to play.

4. Rail Rush

Get ready for an adventurous ride with rail rush, which is a combination of Subway Surfers and Temple Run.

All it needs is tilting the device left and right to collect the gems while escaping the hurdles. The background music of this lightweight android game will surely lure you.

5. Archery

Like it is in the real world, it is the same in the virtual world too. It is all about the bow, arrow and the right aim.

For each right aim, you get a score. It is an ideal choice for those who love shooting games and is listed among the best lightweight android games under 50MB.

6. Don’t Tap the White Tile

How about fun with some music? If yes, then don’t tap the white tile is the need of the hour.

This game with 7 modes and nonstop fun with many challenges and piano tones will truly refresh your mind. All you need to do is avoid tapping on the white tile.

The game is listed among some of the best free lightweight android games under 50MB.

7. Chain Reaction

Is boredom killing you? Then chain reaction comes to the rescue.

This is a multiplayer lightweight game, that can be played to kill time when in class, home or anywhere with a boring surrounding.

The best part of this game is you’ll never know who’s going to win it till the end. This is considerably the best game under 50 MB to kill your boredom.

8. Jungle Adventures

Are you a 90’s kid? Then Mario must have been your favorite game that made your childhood awesome. And, the developer of the Jungle adventures made sure to keep the essence of Mario alive in today’s gaming sensation.

This Jungle adventures game is available for free to download from Play store and weighs only 8 MB, which makes it listed among the top 10 best amazing android games under 50 MB.

So, what are you waiting for? Rush to the Play store, download it and recall your childhood memories.

9. ? Loop

(? Loop) Infinity loop is the game with no border, or say no end. Surprisingly, this 3 MB lightweight game for Android users has around 5 million downloads and no ads in it.

This game involves making a loop of different randomly angled arcs or segments, which ultimately create a beautiful design at the end of each level. It also facilitates to share or save the pattern you made by taking a screenshot of the design.

This game is also listed under marvelous android games under 50MB.

10. Unblock Me FREE

It is the only game with a huge 14500 levels on the Play store. A puzzle game that keeps you engaged for hours challenging yourself solving them.

The aspect of different modes available makes it the best lightweight Android game, which occupies just 25 MB of space. This thing gets the game listed in this list of top 10 android games under 50 MB.

Wrapping Up

And, all done! Hope you liked the above compilation of our list of the top 10 best android games below 50 MB. The most interesting and the best part of the games mentioned in the list above is that you don’t need to watch the gamut of downloading for longer than 1 minute.

Since these are some lightweight games, the downloading is done in no time and even get done if there is a slow internet connection.

So, what are you waiting for!! Visit the Play store, download the game you find best for your taste and start having fun.

Happy Gaming!

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